Christians celebrate Easter around the world




Christians around the world have been gathering to celebrate Holy Saturday, ahead of the church’s holiest day – Easter Sunday.

In Warsaw, Poland, these priests hold candles as part of an Easter Vigil service.

atholics gathered after sunset in the village of Ragotna, Belarus, to kindle an Easter fire. The fire is traditionally used to light a holy candle that the priest carries ceremonially into the darkened church.

Bullfighters took to the ring during the Easter festivities in Arles, southern France. The annual event, called the “Feria de Paques”, marks the start of the bullfighting season there
This crowd is made up of priests on a pilgrimage in Bucharest, Romania, ahead of Orthodox Palm Sunday. Many Orthodox churches base their Easter date on the Julian calendar, not the Gregorian calendar used by Western countries. This year, Orthodox Easter Sunday will fall on 8 April

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