Goverment Shutdown 2018: we know so far?


There are a lot of moving pieces, but right now, the House has passed a short-term spending bill, which would extend the shutdown deadline into February, that is looks to have no shot in the Senate. By Thursday night, there were still enough Republican and Democratic senators against the short terms spending bill to shutdown the government.

Thats what we know so far,

There isn’t currently enough votes , the Senate to keep the government open

The House  was passed a short-term spending bill Thursday evening, but that will likely be dead on arrival in the Senate.

A spending bill needs 60 vote in order to advance in the Senate, which is the  means Republicans need Democratic votes to keep the government open. With Sen. John McCain (R-AZ)  is still out of the Senate for health reasons and an Alabama Senate seat recently flipping from red to blue, Republicans need at least nine Democratic votes to pass the spending bill.

But an impasse over immigration negotiations has pushed Democrats, and Republicans to stand against this short-term spending deal. Enough Democratic senators are against the spending bill to shut down the government, NBC reported.

According to Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ), Democrats have offered to support a very short spending deal that would keep the government open for a couple days into next week, the idea being that they can come up with an immigration deal in that time.


Durgesh Gupta

Chief Editor

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