Tripura Election Results 2018: CPM grapples with divide within, Left only in Kerala


Tripura marking the first direct electoral contest between the political Left and Right, the defeat also meant loss for the CPM in its perception battle against ideological rival BJP
CPM resents personality cults.

Yet Manik Sarkar — the simple, soft-spoken, austere Chief Minister of Tripura, projected as a model of integrity — towered over the party for years. As the CPM lost one of its last bastions, its sweep and scale leaving it numb, the party struggled to fathom the sudden shift in its mass base while acutely aware that its national political relevance was under serious question
The CPM draft political resolution to be presented at the party Congress in April says,

“The key to the advance of the Party and building the Left and Democratic Front is increasing the independent strength of the party.

This has become all the more important given the setbacks in West Bengal and the lack of advance in other states apart from Kerala and Tripura.” That would now need tweaking.

Durgesh Gupta

Chief Editor

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